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The WHO, which is also known as the World Health Organization revealed research. In the research, they said that over one billion young Smartphone users are in total risk of hearing the loss in the near future.

They further said that the reason behind it is the excessive amount of volume for listening variety of sounds.

The UN experts mentioned that the age group between 12 to 35 years is at the main target.

Because these age group peoples are mostly using headphones and listening to music on high volume on daily basis.

There is one person in every 20 person bunch who is suffering or will suffer in the future.

Most of you after listening to this research will scare, and wants to keep yourself safe.

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Well, I am mentioning some of the prevention for all the readers out there so they can easily follow them and keep them self safe from such diseases.

Well, most of you already familiar with the limit option in the headphones mode. Whenever you plug in your headphones in the smartphone. It will provide you with the detail of sound better for your ears.

Most of the time listen to loud music, and the first tip for all of you is to keep your volume at a level where it will not affect your hearing or listening power.

The second thing which I am mentioning here is that WHO has also provided a new guideline for preventing his problem.

They recommended the companies to set the audio devices, so a person could easily oversee how long and how loud a person is listening to music.

The UN also recommended the mobile industries to include a suitable volume control option in the device.

It will allow the user to set and track the situation of a volume for the safety of their ears.