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5 Best Android Apps That Are Not Available in Google Play Store: There are to much Android Apps on Google Play, Today i am going to share 5 Best Android Apps that are not Available in Google Play Store, Some Especially Good Apps are Left out Because They Breach some Of Google Terms. Nonetheless You will Always grab his/her APK and Install them if you want to use it.

5 Best Android Apps That Are Not Available in Google Play Store

1. Amazon Appstore

Amazon is not available in Google Play Store But you can Download it from Google as you know that Amazon’s attack at taking a share of Android App Market for itself.


Mixporer is the Best Android File Managers app, But actually it is not available in Google Play Store. Through this app you can work with Several Folders at once. In this Mixporer app you can access your own cloud files with up to 17 Services to Pick From Including all the Popular once like Google Drive and MEGA or Dropbox, OneDrive.

3.Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is one of the Best Android App that will Grant you to modify Other apps of Android in Various Ways.


4. F-droid

The app F-Droid is the Market for free and the Open source For Android Software. while downloading App F-Droid client will makes it easy for you to search for and how to install open source apps.



Adaway is the best App but it is not available in Google Play Store, Adaway will allow to block Adds for your Android Smart Phone. Adaway was Available Previously in Google Play Store but It was removed after Breach a section of the Google Developer Agreement. Nonetheless you can install it from F-Droid. This app will requires root access to work.

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