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5 Changes In The Upcoming IPhone: Apple is always been on the trend for one reason or the another. For the upcoming iPhone there are been many rumors but we have 5 of them been confirmed by experts.

These are the things that apple has been working on. And some of them might shock you.
so, lets dive in.

Apple Pencil

If you are know apple you might know there Apple pencil for there tablets. There are rumors that the new iPhones will support Apple pencil. This is quite shocking for me too because Steve jobs was not a fan of styluses. But the trend is changing Apple.

And only the bigger phone will support Apple pencil. Like always Apple is keeping the better features for the bigger device.


512GB internal storage

Apple is working with apple to enhance the storage of their iPhones. There will be three variants of 64GB, 124GB and 512GB. As you know the price will raise from each higher variant.


More RAM

The New iPhone will get an upgrade of 1GB but for the bigger variant at 4GB of ram. However, the smaller variant will stick to the old 3GB OF Ram. There is nothing to worry about because we all know how capable are the iPhones of Apple.



Its been reported the starting price of the upcoming iPhone will be the same at $699. However, the price for the bigger variant will be $899 a $100 drop in the price. However, the design for both would be the same. 


The old iPhone the iPhone X had fast charging but there was no fast charger but for the new iPhones there will be the fast charger included. The fast charge for the iPhone X cost $49 for the charger and $25 for the cable. Which equals to $75 drop.


Apple this year is working on change. There are rumors that apple will also be changing their charger type. It’s said there will be know a USB-C charger. However, there will be no traces of a headphone jack slot. Hope the New iPhone will be as cool as there previous iPhones.

By the way the notch is going no where

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