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PTA “Pakistan Telecommunication Authority” has shared with Smartphone users 6 Tips to secure their Smartphone handsets. That was issued by PTA several years ago in Pakistan.

A website “TechRadar” issued a teen track to make Smartphone’s more secure in 2014.

Tips to secure your Smartphone

Thought, It is the best decision in the right direction by the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority).

In Pakistan, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has started a campaign to build awareness among,

The public of Pakistan to save their Mobile Phones and other Telecommunication services.

The latest Campaign of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority was appreciated by the General Public of Pakistan.

This Campaign will help the Smartphone’s user to help avoid harm and ensure the beneficial use of Smartphone’s.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority

With The Brand new Development, PTA Shared 6 Tips to secure Smartphone’s handsets. Which are mentioned below?

  • Lock your phone using a “Pin/Password” to avoid its misuse.
  • Install apps only from “trusted app stores”.
  • Turn-off Bluetooth after use.
  • Always encrypt your data on internal and external media.
  • Install updates/patches in a timely manner.
  • Always use a VPN on public Wi-Fi/un-trusted network.

The First thing is to use Pin, Password, Pattern, Fingerprints, and face to secure your Smartphone.

Download Apps from trusted App Stores such as Apply Store and Play Store to secure your Mobile.

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Suppose if you are going to use Bluetooth and you are done after use turns it off to secure your cellphone.

If you wish to use public Wi-Fi then that is very important to use a VPN to encrypt your connections is vital.

Using public Wi-Fi connection you have no idea about whether this network is really secure or not, for that you will need to use VPN.

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