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The human body is like a machine with some parts busy for 24 hours a day, but nevertheless, this body needs rest, For that rest, nature has created a healthy sleep.

Humans need seven to eight hours of sleep a day, Those who sleep less are considered less sleep-deprived and have many effects on the body of those who suffer from chronic nightmares, Can also be a predictor of major illnesses.

I Have Written about these diseases In Great Detail.

Bone fracture

According to the latest medical research, people who sleep for five hours or less begin to have fullness in their bones, which can lead to joint pain as well as this weakness of the bones. It also causes a fracture in the event of injury.

Memory impairment

The human brain, which is a source of memory, loses its ability to function due to lack of sleep and also falls victim to short-term memory problems as well as long-term memory problems.

The ability to concentrate is affected

In order to perform any task, the brain must be focused on this task, but lack of sleep not only affects concentration, but it also affects a person’s ability to think and understand.

Loss of immunity

Lack of sleep reduces the human body’s immunity to the virus, making it easier to catch flu and other viral illnesses, which can also cause significant problems.

Fear of hypertension

Low sleep increases blood pressure and accelerates heart rate. Persistent low sleep habits begin to keep the body’s blood pressure high, which can lead to dangerous diseases.

The cause of diabetes

Reduced pancreatic secretion in the body causes changes in insulin secretion, which can lead to diabetes.

Risk of heart diseases

Lack of sleep in the body’s system triggers chemicals that directly affect the arteries of the heart and can cause a person to suffer from heart disease.

Cause obesity

Due to lack of sleep, the whole body becomes imbalanced. Therefore, instead of digesting the used diet, chemicals begin to accumulate in the body in the form of fat and lead to obesity. 

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