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In January 2018, the company’s flying taxi took to the skies for the first time. Now they’re getting a glimpse of what the interior might look like.

In a blog post, the Airbus Vahana team shared photos of Alpha Two — its first demonstrator with a finished interior.

Airbus has been working on its Vahana project for several years. It’s an attempt to create an autonomous passenger drone network that could operate as a flying version of the Waymo’s self-driving cars.

The picture that you are looking at shows you the single seat inside the alpha, it looks as-as if that you are looking at the video racing game at an arcade.

Passengers will get an open view of the horizon and there is no pilot to get in the way, you can also find a single, full screen, which will show you the information like the flight path.

Another photo shows Alpha Two with its cabin hatch open, but it’s not clear how passengers will actually get into the aircraft. Airbus said that it envisions a platform or steps.

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The company’s initial flight tests have reportedly gone well, and they have seen the aircraft hovering about 16 feet above the ground in a short video.

But Vahana has more development and plenty of testing to do before it’s ready for a passenger flight.

Still, just a few years ago, self-flying air taxis sounded difficult, and today they have a pretty good idea of what they could look like.

The company showed in the video clip that aircraft only hovered about 16 feet above the ground for a few seconds, but that’s what the company showed in a video clip.

However it has conducted longer test flights, rather than we should call the vehicle’s cabin a cockpit, we have changed its name into an interior.