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Connect Your Android Phone to Linux via Airdroid: Hello Everyone today i am going to share with you guys how to Share your Android Smartphone Files to Linux Via Airdroid. As You know that Android has A lots of User’s. And Android is a Different and Useful Application that will lets you to transfer your Files or send SMS And you can control Your Smartphone Through your System.

Connect Your Android Phone to Linux via Airdroid

If you are interested in this App then visit your Smartphone Play Store in the search bar search for Airdroid App if you found the app then download it and install as normal.

For that you have to open the app, After the Short introduction you will be Presented with the Following Screen.

airdroid min

First i would like you to click on Airdroid Web to set up the Connection b/w Your own Linux PC And The handset. if you done it then you must see 2 option over-there. You can use the Navigate locally to IP Address given or Web Client, In the case mine is

If you want to take the great option then your System and Smartphone need to be on the Same internet connection.

airdoid connect min

Whatever option you select then you will need to verify your Handset. The Web interface will needs you to Scan your QR Code on the Smartphone Screen. If you done it then you will be Presented with the Screen.

airdoid connect min

If you want to create this Tutorial then you will needed to grab some Screenshots form your Smartphone. you will need to click on the Photos Icon. The Android will be connect and that will bring up a GUI Window with the Picture on your Device. If you have selected the Pictures then Click to Download, The Android will zip them, That will offer this Format to save in your Device.

airdoid connect min

The functions will be available like Files, That will allow you to download and Upload your Pictures and Documents and every think you like in your Device.

airdoid connect min

Click on the App will be allowing you to bring up a windows to install APK Files Automatically on Your Device.

airdoid connect min

The word of warning will be installing the Apk Files that can be lead your own device to become Compromised.

airdroid calledit min

I would like you to click on small Phone icon at the top of menu Bar, That will Open a dialpad. If you start to type your numbers, Then the Airdroid will be run through your Contacts and that will let you to Select whatever person you want to call.


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