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Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases across the world. The facilities for recovering this disease are available in a lot of countries.

In general, life is the gift of almighty which we have to return any day when he wants.

But there are few countries that have the full-control to save a person life medically.

If we talk about the growth of cancer in Pakistan,

The most prominent patients are from the rural areas of the Province Balochistan.

There are thousands of humans living in Balochistan are suffering from this disease and they cannot afford treatment by going outside.

Balochistan Need Cancer Hospital

Balochistan is one of the major sources of Pakistan by having different natural resources including gold, coal, gas, major sea-port in the future, and different other resources.

But still, the basic needs in Balochistan are not delivering properly by the government of Pakistan.

There are more than different hospitals in other provinces providing the treatment of cancer.

In Balochistan, there is not a single option for the patient to heal their pain. Most of the population in Balochistan are poor with fewer job opportunities.

There are few who couldn’t afford the accommodation and treatment expenses at the same time.

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This is the most heartbreaking and sad times in Balochistan as different families are requesting in social media to donating them money for their treatment.

Why peoples are requesting the citizens of Pakistan as all of this are the responsibilities of the government.

If the government will create a Cancer hospital in Balochistan with proper facilities for the patients, 90% of the patient’s life’s will be safe.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf leader and the Prime minister of Pakistan already established more than one cancer hospital in Peshawar, and Lahore.

It is the request of thousands of cancer patients from Balochistan to build a cancer hospital that will help them in the treatment of the disease.