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Best Sleeping Tips (for better and healthy sleep): Sleep is one of the most important factors in our health and day to day life.

Sleep is the mode when our body regains its energy and our body is involved in the chemical break down in our body. We in this busy world try to hack our sleep as much as we can. We want to sleep less and we want to have quality sleep.

This is a myth that we believe that we will sleep only for 4 hours and we will have quality sleep so we will feel refreshed and energized. Our sleep depends on many things some of them are the food that we consume.

Like junk food, and food containing a high quantity of sugar in it. too much coffee or foods that have a high quantity of caffeine in it. These all things do disturb our sleep cycle which makes us less energized throughout the day.

I will give you few tips that will improve your sleep.


Tip#1:Complete your hours

The first tip is to complete your hours. Our body need 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night and we cannot change that. If we try to sleep only for 4 or 5 hours per night its not going to work. your body would have not finished its work or recovered.

You need to find your sweat spot of sleep. Let’s take me I am the kind of person who want to sleep 4 hours per night but it never works. If you became a monk you might be able to have the control over your body to refuel your body with less sleep.

It is not going to happen to you but if you are one in a million there are people who can refuel there body. And believe me I would pay as much money as I could to reduce my sleep to 2 hours. But that would be against nature.

We humans we live in the nature and we can not defeat nature. We have sleep for the specific time our bodies need to restore and refuel our energy.

And the same goes for too much sleep. Too much sleep can also damage your brain. Have you ever slept 10 hours and still feel like shit. Sleep should be balanced. You should never sleep too much and nor sleep too little. This Sleep tip will help you have the most form the time you sleep.


Tip#2: Don’t be an Owl

What do I mean by this? Mother nature have decided a time for us to sleep and the same for every other animal. We humans are night sleepers. Our ancestors slept I the night and would do work in the day. And there are many benefits of sleeping in the right time.

Sleep at 9 pm or 10 pm these are the numbers I can come up with when I hear the tern sleep in the night. If you get late sleeping you will be late at waking up. You will feel like shit. And if you are like me you hate feeling like shit. In this sleep tip we tell you when to sleep.


Tip#3: Have the Environment

In the first Tip we talked about “how many hours you should sleep” that tip was all about finding out the hours you need to refuel you body. In the second tip we told you to “Sleep Early” in that tip all we talked about the time you should go to bed. Know in the last tip I will tell you, which kind of environment you should have for a good sleep?

This is pretty easy I will give you a clue go to the woods and you will know which type of environment is the best (just kidding). Have a cold room, have your eyes and ears covered and sleep nude that’s what science says you can achieve your optimal environment form. It that easy but you can always experiment in this. And don’t do caffeine, nicotine or chatting when its time for you to sleep.

In short, you can call this sleeping tip as the Cool, Quite, Dark rule.


Let’s summarize all the three sleep tips we discussed before

The first tip was to complete your hours.
The Second tip was to sleep early.
The Third tip was having a cool, quite and dark room.

These tips will help you have the optimal quality of sleep but remember you first will not feel like its helping but when time passes you will see the difference.