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In Lahore, A Man Ali Akbar Was Arrested for Blackmailing and Harassing People in Networked by FIA (Federal Investigation Agency).

After Federal Investigation Agency received a lot of Complaints against young 30-Year-old Ali Akbar, FIA Arrested him on Monday 04/03/2019.

Federal Investigation Agency

According to Officials of FIA, The young guy Ali Akbar has a Mobile Repair Shop and he was accused of Stealing the Private Data from the smartphones to him for Repair.

The Young Guy, Ali Akbar used to Blackmail and Harass his Customers on the basis of his/her Private Data and Extorted Money.

When FIA collected complaints Against Ali Akbar, The Federal Investigation Agency’s Cyber Crime wing capture Akbar’s Shop and FIA arrested him.

The FIA Officials also capture his Smartphone and Laptop and recovered the private data of his customers.

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Nowadays this kind of cases has become a regular occurrence in Pakistan.

Recently Federal Investigation Agency told the Media that they have found three objectionable videos clip on the Smartphone they captured earlier, FIA is investigating the case in more detail.

In the month of January, the Federal Investigation Agency Arrested a Man from Ali Town on Raiwind Road, Lahore, Pakistan.

The man was Arrested by FIA Because he was blackmailing a Ledy who had mode unethical Videos clip.

And There was one another case, One lady refused a Man to marry him, After she Refused a man, A Man Started blackmailing Her.

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