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Bus Services in Pakistan (Daewoo): Everyone loves traveling in Quetta and no one is a fan of breaking there back. If you have been to Quetta in an Old quality bus you will know what I am saying about.

On a trip, we think of adventures and something like a bad Bus can ruin your journey.
we have brought you some of the best Trip services in Quetta.

Al Imdad Koren Daewoo Service Quetta


Quetta Karachi
03003892585 03168383121
03168306620 03013752095
03168306876 03104634054
03022826171 03003517134

The first one we will talk about is Alimdad. They are good at what they do. They have quite a time friendly schedule. In short, if you wanted to go to Karachi and you missed the morning bus you can at least catch 3 to 4 more buses. Al Imdad has two variant of buses the classic 2×2 which mean there are two seats on the right side of the bus and the same two seats on the left side of the bus and they have 2×1 which have two seats on the right or left and one seat on the right or left. I didn’t mention sides because the can be changed.


Al Munir Royal Relaxer Quetta

Al Munir Royal Relaxer

Quetta Karachi
0812445572 03333455930
03333326310 03122585482

They also have one of the best Buses. Their buses look royal and comfortable. They have the luxurious 1×1 seats which mean the bus has one row of seats on the left and one raw at the right. Which gives a modern look and comfort.


Japan Daewoo and car service Quetta

Japan Daewoo and car service

Quetta Karachi
0812445527 02134933663
03337814149 03333033361

Japan is also one of the best in providing the best deal. They don’t only have buses but they also have vans and 2.0D cars. Its own you want to go through bus, van or car.


Al Makkah Quetta

Al Makkah

Quetta Karachi
0812448656 03048447813
03013232264 03082268985
03458353107 02132364701

They have one of the most comfortable buses and are well known in the bus industry plus they have 2.0D car service too. like I said before its own you whether you want to go through bus or car.


Al Yousuf Daewoo Express Quetta

Al Yousuf Daewoo Express



0182447303 03315101034 03330334953
03330334553 03004138355 03330335053

Al Yousuf Daewoo Express is also one of the companies in competitions. The only downside would be that this bus has no service for Karachi while it has access to Lahore and Rawalpindi.


Millat Daewoo Express Quetta

Millat Daewoo Express

Quetta Karachi
0812471166 03113271001
03113271003 03113271004

Millat buses are also one of the buses you can consider having a trip in. they have the latest buses and offer a good service to its customers.


AL Hikmat Quetta

AL Hikmat




0812451412 03003133906 0222635313
03003854355 03313133906 0222615558

Al Hikmat is also a Bus offering decent Buses and quite a good service. The only downside in this one too is that Al Hikmat has no service for Karachi but it has its reach to Sakar and Hyderabad. If you are looking to go there Al Hikmat is one of the best in these areas.


Shandar Daewoo Service Quetta

Shandar Daewoo Service

Quetta Karachi
03002786445 03012393519
0812451741 02134940298
0826420470 03002931255

Shandar also has the capabilities to offer a comfortable trip and plus the buses are also not dated.


AL Tariq Daewoo Service Quetta

AL Tariq Daewoo Service

Quetta Karachi
03003884711 03331301419
03152250508 03108903030
0812450153 03312996606

Al Tariq is a new horse in the race. But have made its name in the list. They can offer a comfortable trip without denting your pocket.


Super shaheen Quetta

Super shaheen

Quetta Karachi
03003835951 02132364540
03249085945 02132526815

Super Shaheen also is a good company. They have nice buses and a good service. And you can consider Super Shaheen for your trip.


Al Muqaddir Quetta

Al Muqaddir

Quetta Karachi
0812448796 03337999826
03013771363 03337999825

Al Muqaddir have also quite great service, new buses, and many people have liked al Muqaddir. The downside which I think they should had is 1×1 buses. But they have one of the best and new buses. You can consider AL muqaddir to have your trip with.