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Create A Nametag For Your Instagram Profile: Hello, Everyone Today i am going to share with you Guys that how to create a name-tag for your Instagram Profile, As you know that Nowadays everyone is using Instagram.

But they don’t know that how to change Name-tag of their Profile. Instagram has launched a name-tag which are Essentially the Instagram version of Snapcodes.

The nametag has been added in a recent update though the release notes don’t arrive to Acknowledgment it, you have to make sure that you are running in your Smartphone the latest version of Instagram App.

Create A Nametag For Your Instagram Profile

How to Create A Nametag

If you want to create a nametage then you have to open the Instagram App then go to your own Profile tab. It the tap of humburgur Icon at the Top right in The display of your Smartphone. And in the Navigation drawer, You will see the option named as Nametag.


Create A Nametag For Your Instagram Profile

In Instagram there are three Contrasting Types of Nametags, You can Create & by type it Means the Background own your Code will have. As you know that three type of Nametags are Selfie and Color or Emoji.

One of the best Nametags is Emoji, The Emoji mode will allows you to Select an Emoji in the Background. The second Nametags is Selfie mode will allows you to take an awesome selfie and use it as in the background for your nametags. And the 3rd one is Color, Color mode will gives you a colored background.


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