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In the report of Comparitech, they have mentioned Pakistan in the list of 7th worst country in Cyber Security.

In this report over 60 countries performance are compiled properly, and there is a huge amount of variations founded by them.

If we talk about the top country of the worst cybersecurity list, then Algeria is acquiring this position in regards to cybersecurity and online safety.

The report showed by the website is by taking the brief knowledge about the situation in which different data breaches already occurred in different countries.

The most popular data breach happens recently when a database containing 87 GB worth of email addresses and passwords was placed online openly.

Who is the safest country in Cyber Security?

According to Kaspersky, Japan is the most cyber-secured country in the world. It is also been said that China and Germany have one of the finest infrastructures of cybersecurity in their country.

But they are also not safe from the major attacks by the side of Hackers.

Why Pakistan is at the 7th position?

The major reason for Pakistan for being in the list is due to the less-importance of the govt towards its digital security.

One of the most confidential websites of Pakistan is Nadra that tracks all the data of the citizens of Pakistan. The website still doesn’t have proper security measures.

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The infrastructure needs to be very authentic and proper like Germany, China, and Japan.

If the govt think and work on this issue then this country will be on the top list for becoming the best cybersecurity country in the world soon.

Otherwise, the conditions are very worst here and could get more worst in the future as well.

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