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Amazing rule of DC for Rawalpindi motorcyclist without a helmet: Deputy commissioner Rawalpindi Omar Jahangir created a statement for the people of Rawalpindi who travel on the motorcycle without a helmet in the twitter account.


The news is going so viral among the people of Rawalpindi and also getting worse for those who were in the past not follow the rules properly.  In another tweet, he mentions the facility of helmets stall for the people outside CTO office Rawalpindi and also requested to the people to use a helmet while traveling on the bike and also request to your loved one.


The hard work of Deputy commissioner for providing, guiding and the awareness of helmets to the people of Rawalpindi is appreciable.

On a reply, Ch. Fawad Hussain appreciated the decision of DC against motorcyclists on the tweeter account and also mentioned the accidents decreasing rates and also about the head injuries reduction. 


Deputy commissioner Rawalpindi tweet for motorcyclists of Rawalpindi:

Deputy commissioner Rawalpindi further addresses the people of Rawalpindi through a tweet on Nov 14 and mentioned there about a complete ban for the people on mall road/Peshawar road were not wearing helmets. Because of the accidents in the previous 10 months exceeds 40 injuries and almost 15 of the people were dead.

It is also been heard that CTO wrote a letter to the DC and said him to implement a complete ban on refueling for the motorcyclists not wearing helmets.

It is also the responsibility of the people of Pakistan to take care of their lives. Try to wear a helmet not only the driver but the passenger who is sitting back on the motorcycle also need to wear a helmet. There is a fact that all these gadgets are not trusted for your life but it will for sure save you from a major injury that could make you paralyzed or dig you to some other injuries.

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