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Yesterday Prime Minister Imran Khan announced to Digitally transform the entire government of Pakistan it will help the country in the direction of the much needed and awaited Tech-enabled Future.

In order to achieve the defined goal for this, a task force named strategic Reform and implementation Unit (SRIU) is started, With the previous Secretary-General of PTI and Tania Airbus former Google Product Director for Payments.

Reza Baqir is the governor of State Bank he will be responsible for Digital Payments and its reforms with banks.

Tania Airbus and Reza Baqir, both of them, were overseas of Pakistanis have left lucrative careers at Google so that they should complete their tasks And transform Pakistan into Digital Pakistan.

IMF will also be a part of the government’s Initiative for Digital Pakistan.

Pakistan Tahreek Insaaf

PTI And its government are now looking closely to monitor progress in IT sectors and taking quick steps towards transforming the country Digitally.

More than 100 Million of Pakistani are now less than 25 years old our aims to transform the country towards digitalization s well as preparing its Youth for the IT-enabled future.

Since the reformation program applies to all industry segments, it is not being confined to a single ministry. 

Five Goals Outlined For this Initiative are:

  • Access and Connectivity
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • E-Governance
  • Digital Skills and Literacy
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

From now on the government will set monthly targets to achieve the mentioned goals, The targets will address the major challenge that Pakistani are right now facing.

Prime Minister highlighted the need for acquiring technology and skills of the future and mentioned that the educational studies will be transformed too.

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