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A few jingles got to be notorious for the brand when individuals begin to like them, How numerous can we review from later times to be vital ones?

Babiya has ended up such a notorious jingle to discharge the modern Easypaisa app that the TVC has made unused records.

Who would have thought to utilize Famous “Babiya” as a jingle? until the dispatch of unused & progressed Easypaisa app with a TVC that has taken us all by storm.

Easypaisa’s interpretation of Sajjad Ali’s Famous “Babiya” as a jingle was as new & energetic because it can get.

Such fun vibes with the execution of the TVC that it earned 10 Million sees inside to begin with week of its discharge.

The jingle got to be an electrifying hit & was so compelling however peppy that individuals have observed it like a soundtrack. Once more n once more.

Baby Take It Easy!

Easypaisa’s version of Sajjad Ali’s “Babiya” cleared out individuals longing for more.

There’s a kind of national agreement that we merit full adaptation of the tune presently after so numerous years.

Newexuberant & catchy. Much obliged to Easypaisa for making Babiya an electrifying hit similar to when it was discharged decades back & gotten to be a chartbuster (keep in mind? we had our claim music channel charts).

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