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Mark Zuckerberg The CEO Of Facebook met with President Donald Trump while he was in the nation’s capital. To discuss the recent crackdown on Facebook’s policy. News got out when Trump posted a picture with Zuckerberg on his twitter account.

A short time ago Zuckerberg was questioned by lawmakers about Facebook’s failures on protecting users’ privacy.

President Trump is also one of those who criticized the Facebook policy. According to him, they are biased towards Democrats.

After meeting both responded very positively by hiding the real conversation that happened behind closed doors,

As Trump called it a “nice meeting” and Facebook’s CEO said, “had a good, constructive meeting with President Trump at the White House today.”

The meeting was face to face and when it came to Mark Zuckerberg sat down with some of his harshest critics during his visit to Washington.

Axios first reported the Zuckerberg-Trump meeting And said that the President has tweeted on multiple occasions in support of conservative activists who have either been kicked off of Facebook or had run-ins with the company. 

President Has confirmed the meeting in a tweet on Thursday evening.

“Nice meeting with Mark Zuckerberg of @Facebook in the Oval Office today,” the President said”

And was not the first time Zuckerberg faced such allegations. In the past, he was criticized over privacy breaches, prejudice in election days and especially favoring one group for business interest.

Mark Zuckerberg seemed fed-up by the allegations thrust upon him. In the meeting, he dressed very formally as opposed to his invariable casual look.

And now He did respond to the questions asked by the reporter as he was moving in the corridor of Capitol Hill. He had to move office to office to meet different members of Congress to get support.

He is on a three-day visit to Capitol Hill. He will be meeting with different Congress representatives including House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and Representative Doug Collins.

Mark Zuckerberg is still trying his best to satisfy Washington From day one.

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He has to prove that the content allowed on social media networks is justified.

A short time Ago Facebook announced the finalization of its Charter for “Independent Oversight Board”, which will take control of Zuckerberg over the decision-making process.

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