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The 39 members of the Financial Task Force Also know as (FATF) are going to support an Indian Bid to get Pakistan in the FATF blacklist. The Pakistani delegation currently visiting Paris met with the representatives of different countries and organizations.

Top official sources told that The Pakistani Authorities are confident that everything is under control, Plus the top countries around the world support Pakistan such as China, Malaysia and Turkey have assured them of all-out support in case India or any other country presents a resolution for getting Pakistan on the Blacklist.

Up to this point, the GCC countries and Saudi Arabia have supported Pakistan for a very long time.

The reporters have also said the FATF’s ongoing meeting would continue till October 18 in Paris and during the same meeting, the finale Decision would be made.

The top five-member of Pakistani delegation led by Hammad Azhar Minister for Economic Affairs participated in the review meeting along with top military officials, Including DG Financial Monitoring Unit and a foreign Office representative.

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In advance of the FATF’s review meeting, the findings of Joint Working Group (JWG) were shared with the Pakistani authorities, showing Islamabad to be largely compliant on 10 points, partially compliant on another 10 points, and non-compliant on seven, mainly related to proscribed organisations on account of investigation, prosecutions and conviction from court of law. 

Authorities are confident that the FAFT will not give a new action plan at any point, however, all stakeholders were unanimous and on the same page that Pakistan has worked very hard to comply with all 27 points within the envisage deadline and made good progress.

Pakistan has taken significant steps to improve its relationship with the US and progress in this direction would yield positive results.

The top officials have also said that Pakistan should be excluded from the grey list and put into green or white list as Islamabad had made impressive progress in ao least 20 out of 27 FATC action plan points.

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A top official said that Indian side might plunge into one-sided propaganda without waiting of the final outcome of the meeting the reason behind this is that they have nothing to lose, but in case of Pakistan, the country’s economy would be a serious threat in this point of falling into blacklist, so authorities are very careful on making any statements.