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PTCL knowns as Pakistan telecommunications company Limited it was hosted by Shoaib Ahmed Siddique he is the secretary IT and Telecom Chairman board Of director throughout his viste to PTCL zonal office in Lahore for a business Revies meeting.

Utilitarian heads of PTCL zonal administration, counting Commerce Operations, Innovation, and Corporate, conveyed introductions to the Secretary, who appeared intrigued within the commerce execution of the zone.

In addition, he shared his recommendations and perspective over different viewpoints of advertise scenarios.

Key PTCL Facilites

the secretary also visited the key PTCL facilites including Datacenter, traning center and call center at johat town in Lahore

He was given comprehansive deatials about the tour of the facilites avaliable at the centers.

the secretary got welcomes feedback at an opne house session which was conducted at the zonal office from all the pariticipents.

in addation to He also advised all functional heads to acquire a customer-centric approach and increase your efforts to increase the customers of PTCLS.

In the end the secretary appreciated the hardwork done by PTCL and its management, He also added his pleasure over the professional standards maintained by the company.

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