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FIA Discovers Millions in Middle-Class Student’s Bank Account: The FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) has found another Apprehensive transaction in an unwary citizen’s bank account worth RS 170 Million.

FIA Discovers Millions in Middle-Class Student’s Bank Account


They have been seen a slimier case before when  a ‘faluda’ vendor discovered Rs. 2.5 billion in his bank accoun 

According to the Federal Investigation Agency, that was transferred in a money laundering Attempt.

The student was residing in jhang that was summoned by the Federal Investigation Agency. The student had RS 173 million Stored in his bank account. He was absolutely unaware of until the Government got hold of him, according to reports from local media.


An Unfortunate Set of Events

Mr asad was ordered to appear at Federal investigation Agency’s Cyber-crime  was building in karachi on 2 october with all valid documents while including his CNIC & Admissible  bank statements. Mr Asad talked to reporter afterward he was saying that he had nothing to do with money. And he didn’t even-though know about it unless the Federal investigation Agency summoned him.

In recently report Mr asad lives in a 5 marla house, He belongs to a middle-class family. Even-though if Mr Asad wasn’t involved with the transaction and any money laundering scheme, That raises security concerns for his Family. 

The ‘faluda’ vendor, who had billions of Rupees in his bank account, now he is faces severe stress and security Problems, as policemen are present outside of his  house to guard him.