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Five Awesome Tricks of iOS 12 (YOU MUST KNOW): Hello, Everyone Today i am going to share Five Awesome Tricks of iOS 12 That you must know while using Apple Smartphone. As you know that Iphone is Launching always Speechless Updates For their User’s to enjoy using Iphone. User of Apple is now able to enjoy various features that they have made for their User’s in ios 12 Devices a lot easier. Their New features are easier to find then others.

Five Awesome Tricks of iOS 12 (YOU MUST KNOW)

As you know that every User’s are Spending to much time on Social Media, But Apple his launched new update in iOS 12 time limit on an app, This feature will allow you to reduce that time you use any kind of app on your Apple device.

1. Set a Time Limit on an App

2. Extra Battery Info

Everyone his Problem with Battery life weather they are using Android or iOS, But For Apple user their is a new feature named as Extra Battery info, If you want to use it then go to Setting Select the option of Battery Click on it, Set if to last 24 Hours that will increase your Phone Battery Life. And you will enjoy while using Apple Smartphones.

3. Enable Temporary Do Not Disturb

If you want to use it then swipe down from the top right of your Display in your Smartphone. That will open the Control center of Your Smartphone, Then click on Moon Icon, That will depend on your Location and Status that what time is it.


4. Add QR Code Shortcut in Control Center

If you want to use Add QR code Shortcut in your Control center then first you must go to setting, After going to Setting click on Control Center and go for more controls, then select Scan QR Code, after that swipe down form the top-right of your Display in your Smartphone and the QR Code Code Shortcut shill be there.


5. Make Self-Destruct Memos

Every time you say that i will erase them later but you never do it because you forget it, For that Iphone his launched a new Update for their User’s, If You are interested to use this option then GO to Settings then select the voice memos then select the Clear deleted, For that you have to choose the amount of time you want to keep the memos before they are removed form your Smartphone.

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