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Five Best File Managers for Linux: Hello Everyone today i am going to share with You guys five Best File Managers For Linux User. The Software you use daily in Your computer named as a File Manager. Although if you are the user of Linux then you want to try out File Managers other than the Default one. File managers that comes with your System.

Five Best File Managers for Linux

Number 1: PCManFM


One of the Best File Managers Named as PCMANFM. The software is the Standard file Manager in LXDE. This File Managers has access to remote file Systems and Drop, Drag, Multitabs, ETC.


Number 2:  Thunar


The Software Thunar is a File Manager for Linux. The software Thunar was Developed by Benedikt Meurer . Thunar file manager is Fast and Clean that is very easy to use it.


Number 3: Nemo


Nemo is A File Manager and that is the Default file manager for Cinnamon Desktop. The File manager nemo is open source and free software for Linux User. The Nemo version 1.0.0 was released in July 2012.

Number 4: Nautilus


The software Nautilus is Renamed to GNOME Files. The File manager nautilus is the Official File manager for The GNOME Desktop. The Software Nautilus was developed by Eazel.


Number 5: Dolphin



The file Manager Dolphin is a Open Source and Free File Manager for Linux included in the KDE Application.

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