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Four Food Items Invented By Mistake: Hello, Everyone You have listen Accidental Deaths and Accidental Child or Accidental Love but Have you ever listen or heard about Accidental Food items, If not , today i am going to share with you guys Four food Items That was invented by Mistake.

Four Food Items Invented By Mistake

1.Potato Chips

Potato chips was Invented by George Crum in 1853, One Customer Declined to Eat French fries in New York, He ordered the French Fries but they were to thick, Mr George Crum was the chef fried a thinner batch of French fries, Even-though they didn’t satisfy the dinner, He asked for a thinner batch, Mr George Crum decided to make dinner to learn a lesson. Mr George crum took a potato, Sliced it as Finely as Possible and Fried the French. You know that was so hard even-though it was impossible to cut them by Fork.


Sandwich was Invented by Mr Earl of Sandwich in 1700s, Mr Earl of Sandwich was very fond of Gambling, Mr Earl of Sandwich didn’t want to eat something which they would Stop him From Gambling Even-though for a few minutes. After sometime he decided to eat Stuffed b/w the Slices of Bread, Which Mr Earl would eat while Gambling.


3.Ice Cream Cones

Ice Cream Cones was invented By Ernest Hamwl in 1904. Mr Ernest Hamwi was selling Syrian Pastry When Ice Cream Seller Existing nearby run out of Dishes. Mr Ernest Hamwi rolled some Pastry into a Cone to carry the An Ice Cream inside it.


4.Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies was invented By Ruth Wakefleld in 1930. Miss Ruth Wakefleld was Preparing the Chocolate cookies when Miss Ruth Wakefleld suddenly realized that She is out of baking Chocolate, Miss Ruth Wakefleld broke a sem sweet chocolate bar into tiny Prices and she added them to the Mixture¬† she was hoping that they shill melt and had same effect as that of baking Chocolate, Actually she baked the Cookies that the Chocolate was didn’t melt. After that Miss Ruth Started selling the Chocolate Chip Cookies.


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