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Fix the Disk Signature Collision Error on Windows: Hello, Everyone today i am going to share how to Fix the Disk Signature Collision Error on Windows. It is a Different Identifier Stored as any of the Master Boot Record. Commonly they are used by the Os (Operating System) To Analyze and Distinguish b/w Storage Devices.


Fix the Disk Signature Collision Error on Windows


When your Windows Operating System Catch that there are 2 Disks with Exact Signatures. Though when a Collision Occurs Windows Might not always Prompt the user.

In the Earlier Versions of Windows Such as Windows XP and Windows vista. when the signature is Occurred by Collision then Signature of the Drive  Grumbling of Collision could be Changed Naturally. Windows may not Permit 2 Disks with the Same Signature to Coexist and Action on the Same Time.

For Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10. It is Damage the 2nd drive does not Grant it to mount til the Disk collision has been Amend.

Hard Disk Windows Disk Manager

If you are facing the same Problem then you could see these 2 messages. The Boot Selection Failed because a appropriate device is Inaccessible and  This Disk are offline Because it has Collision Signature. 

Though you are Disk Collisions are a Oddity, They could happen to you even if you run a Disk that ware cloned alongside it Clone. Thing Akin Could happen even if you make a virtual hard drive from A Physical one and you can use back up software that uses virtualization.

2. I would like you to type   Diskpart in your Command Prompt Window and you must Hit the enter Key. Windows Diskpart Command prompt Disk Signature

3.After that i would like you to type List Disk And Press the enter. That shill list all the Disks that are Directly on the System.

Command Prompt Windows Disk Signature

4. After that i would like you to type Select Disk x And hit the Enter. Even if you have done this well. The Diskpart will be Displaying the Message.

For Description Even if you have Typed in Select Disk 0 that will naturally display. Disk 0 is now the picked disk.

Windows Disk Part Command Prompt Disk Signature

5. I would like you to type Uniqueid Disk and the hit enter. This shill Display the Disk’s Signature.

Command Prompt Windows Disk Signature DID

6. I would like you to type Unique Disk ID= {New STGNATURE} Where {New SIGNATURE} is the new id if you want for the disk.

Windows Command Prompt Diskpart UIDs

The Disk Signature have to in the form of A Hexadecimal Figure.


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