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Pakistan former football captain Kaleemullah remarks on Pakistan football federation(PFF): In the past, there were a lot of harsh comments transferred between Kaleem Ullah and Football Federation. There is a lot of passion found in football but if we talk about the support so as usual there is only one sport in Pakistan that gets most attention “Cricket”. Other sports professionals are still arguing with the federations and also asking the government about the reasons.

Well besides that, A recent tweet has been posted by Kaleem Ullah in which he addressed the allegations, which he fired against the Federation of Pakistan. 

In a tweet, he said ” The allegations I put on the federation is not of the recent times, and addressed the people of Pakistan about the federation flaws back in the times when I was playing in America club. He also addressed that the facilities a normal club’s in America get are still not the international team of Pakistan yet. 


In the tweet, it shows the last picture he posted back in 2016 against Pakistan football federation (PFF). He did the tweet just to back himself about the allegations he fired against the federation back in the 2016 and not in the recent times. He also mentioned in the early tweet about the federation that the people in the federation are unaware of football and there is not a single person even played in professional level so why they are up to this places.

He also requested through a tweet to the Prime minister Imran Khan and addressed the passion of football found in Pakistan plus the lack of interest and unprofessionalism in the federation really affecting the talented footballers and international football players.

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