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Google Chrome It is reported that Google is working on a new and better version of autofill for Chrome’s Android app.

What is Autofill?

Autofill is one of the most important and useful features of chrome, it is slightly awkward right now.

But When you tap a certain field on a website, Chrome does provide you with some options but the problem with that is the floating menu covers a part of the display, because of the same reason Google developer teams are working on it to make seem better for Google Android Developer.

XDA Developers

Recently a new report of XDA Developers said that Google Chrome for Android will soon get an upgrade that will make the whole process easy and Useful.

What the application does is that it provides suggestions just above the keyboard without blocking the view. Users will easily be able to scroll through the options as well.

Benefits of Chrome Update

It will help you to allow users to do so many things;

  • It is gonna manage Passwords
  • Payment Methods
  • And Addresses via Hamburger

These options are only available on Chrome desktop in “browser settings”.

Chrome Canary And Dev Builds

the Report details that the new autofill has been available on Chrome Canary and Dev build for a while.

For Users it could the feature could be used after enabling certain switches that allow users to toggle new features of the application.


This recently improved autofill was made available for both Chrome Canary and Dev builds in a way so that they don’t require manual activation.

What this means is that this feature is ready for roll out and will arrive in Chrome Android sooner than later.

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