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Government Science College Quetta: Government Post Graduate Science college is one of the Best College of Quetta. Government Post Graduate Science college is one the Oldest institutions of the Country.

Government Post Graduate Science college was Established in 1942 As A Higher Secondary School.

After the creation of Pakistan in 1963, the Government Post Graduate Science College was Acknowledged the Status of College.

Being a Premier Institute in Quetta, It was Originally named As a Government Post Graduate Science College in 1973.

Computer Science Department was Established in 2000.

Government Post Graduate Science College is Located in Jinnah Road near to Prince Road Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan.



In the Government Post Graduate Science College Quetta, There are three groups in F.Sc with following subjects.

Pr-Medical Group:

1st Year:

Biology, Urdu, Physics, Chemistry, English and Islamic Education.

2nd Year:

Biology, English, Urdu, Physics, Chemistry and Pakistan Studies.


Pr-Engineering Group:

1st Year:

 Physics, English, Urdu, Chemistry, Mathematics and Islamic Education.

2nd Year:

Physics, English, Urdu, Chemistry, Mathematics and Pakistan Studies.


Computer Science Group:

1st Year: Computer Science, English, Urdu, Physics/Statistic, Mathematics and Islamic Education.

2st Year: Computer Science, English, Urdu, Mathematics, Physics/Statistic and Pakistan Studies.



Compulsory Subjects: 

 English, Pakistan Studies, and Islamic Education Elective Subjects:

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA:   F.Sc with Pr Engineering/Computer

Group A: Math A, Maths B & Statistics
Group B: Math A, Maths B & Economics
Group C: Math, Statistics & Economics
Group D: Math A, Economics & Computer
Group E: Math A, Statistics & Computer
Group F: Math A, Math B & Computer



Group G: Geology, Geography & Chemistry
Group H: Geography, Botany & Chemistry
Group I : Botany, Geology & Chemistry



1) After the declaration of SSC and HSC results, the process of admission in F.Sc and B.Sc are respectively initiated through advertisement in newspapers.
2) Along with the prospectus, from for admission in various colors as mentioned below for different faculties are available to filled
B.Sc                         White
F.Sc(Pr-Medical)             Pink
F.Sc(Pr-Engineering)           Green
F.Sc(Computer Science)       Yellow
3) The admission is solely on merit basis
4) Incomplete forms will not be entertained 
5) Along with admission form, the following documents are necessary to be submitted within due date:
      a. Local/Domicile certificate
      b. Attested certificate of SSC/F.Sc
      c. Character certificate
      d. NIC of applicant or Father/Guardian
      e. Attested 5 photograph 
      f. Migration/Registration certificate for applicants outside Balochistan.
6) The foreign students may apply through their missions in Pakistan.
7) Third division holders in SSC are not allowed for admission.
8) Applicants clearing SSC/HSC in second attempt may not apply.
9) The original documents should be presented before the admission committee on the day of interview, and the candidate must appear in person.


Teachers Of Government Post Graduated Science College Quetta


S.NO Name of Prof/Lectures Designation SUB
1 Prof : Rafi Ullah Khan Principal English
2 Prof: Naik Muhammad Vice Principal Geog
3 Tamas Khan Vice Principal Chem
4 Prof.Dr.Zia Muhammad Professor Phy
5 Raghib Saeed Assoicate Prof PHY
6 Haji Arbab Ghulam Farooq Asstt. Prof PHY
7 Muhammad Akram Shah Asstt.Prof Phy
8 Ghulam Sabir Asstt.Prof PHY
9 Anwar Uddin Asstt.Prof PHY
10 Khalid Nadeem Asstt.Prof PHY
11 Noor Ul Haq Asstt.Prof PHY
12 Muhammad Ejaz Asstt.Prof PHY
13 Ghulam Rabani Asstt.Prof PHY
14 Muhammad Nasir Ayub Asstt.Prof PHY
15 Sher Zada Khan Lecturer PHY
16 Muhammad Kaleem Lecturer PHY
17 Abdul Mateen Lecturer PHY
18 Zia -Ul -Haq Lecturer PHY
19 Hakim Khan Lecturer PHY
20 Malik Wali Muhammad Assoicate Prof CHEM
21 Muhammad Tariq Bhatti Assoicate Prof CHEM
22 Abdul Hadi Asstt.Prof CHEM
23 Noor Ullah Asstt.Prof CHEM
24 Shahid Shahbaz Asstt.Prof CHEM
25 Abdullah Jan Asstt.Prof CHEM
26 Muhammad Shoiab Lecturer CHEM
27 Atta Muhammad Lecturer CHEM
28 Muhammad Javed Khan Lecturer CHEM
29 Muhammad Hashim Lecturer CHEM
30 Nasrullah Lecturer CHEM
31 Abdul Baqi Lecturer CHEM
32 Fakhar Uddin Lecturer CHEM
33 Qahir Khan Lecturer CHEM
34 Abdul Mateen Assistant Prof MATHS
35 Nawab Khan Kakar Assistant Prof MATHS
36 Zubair Ahmed Assistant Prof MATHS
37 Muhammad Salman Assistant Prof MATHS
38 Muhammad Zahid Assistant Prof MATHS
39 Jawaid Iqbal Assistant Prof MATHS
40 Imam Bukhsh Assistant Prof MATHS
41 Jalal Ud din Assistant Prof MATHS
42 Hafiz Abdul Basit Lecturer MATHS
43 Rehmat Ullah Lecturer MATHS
44 Muhammad Rasheed Lecturer MATHS
45 Syed Jamil Agha Lecturer MATHS
46 Muneer Khan Lecturer MATHS
47 Syed Zai Ur Rehman Lecturer MATHS
48 Hazrat Ali Lecturer MATHS
49 Naqeeb Ullah Lecturer MATHS
50 Khalil Khan Asstt.Prof ENG
51 Amir Abbas Mirza Asstt.Prof ENG
52 Salman Ellhai Asstt.Prof ENG
53 Javed Akhtar Asstt.Prof ENG
54 Allah Noor Asstt.Prof ENG
55 Muhammad Ismail Asstt.Prof ENG
56 S.Abid Hussain Shah Asstt.Prof ENG
57 Habib Ullah Lecturer ENG
58 Ain Uddin Lecturer ENG
59 Abdul Rahman Lecturer Eng
60 Muhammad Amin Lecturer Eng
61 Ghulam Farooq Lecturer Eng
62 Manzoor Hussain Lecturer Eng
63 Khaliq Dad Khalid Lecturer Eng
64 Syed Abdul Haseeb Lecturer Eng
65 Ahmed Ali Sabir Bolvani Associate Prof URDU
66 Abdul Haleem Associate Prof URDU
67 Raghib Taseen Assistant Prof URDU
68 Jahangir Ashraf Assistant Prof URDU
69 Sami ullah Assistant Prof URDU
70 Abdul Rasool Assistant Prof Urdu
71 Syed Hussain Shah Assistant Prof URDU
72 M. Asif Hussain Sherazai Assistant Prof URDU
73 S.Yousaf Shah Assistant Prof URDU
74 Abdul Raziq Kakar Assistant Prof URDU
75 Mazhar Iqbal Lecturer URDU
76 Munir Ahmed Lecturer URDU
77 Abdul Salam Kasi Assoicate Prof STAT
78 Muhammad Abdullah Assistant Prof STAT
79 Abdul Hayee Kakar Assistant Prof STAT
80 Muhammad yousaf Lecturer STAT
81 Ahmed Ullah Lecturer STAT
82 Asghar Khan Lecturer STAT
83 Najum Uddin Lecturer STAT
84 Abdul Rauf Associate Prof BOT
85 Fazal Muhammad Associate Prof BOT
86 Muhammad Huusain Khajjak Asstt.Prof BOT
87 Imdad Ullah Asstt.Prof BOT
88 Khair Ullah Assttt.Prof BOT
89 Khalil Ur Rehman Lecturer BOT
90 Muhamamd Ashraf Lecturer BOT
91 Syed Allah Dad Lecturer BOT
92 Abdul Rasheed Durrani Associate Prof ZOOL
93 Maroof Ahmed Associate Prof ZOOL
94 Bashir Ahmed Asstt.Prof ZOOL
95 Rafaqat Ahmed Asstt.Prof ZOOL
96 Kamal Uddin Asstt.Prof ZOOL
97 Saif Ul Islam Asstt.Prof ZOOL
98 Abdul Wajid Khan Asstt.Prof ZOOL
99 Muhammad Anwar Lecturer ZOOL
100 Abdul Majeed Lecturer ZOOL
101 Jamal Abdul Nasir Lecturer ZOOL
102 Abid Hussain Qureshi Lectuere ZOOL
103 Baz Gul Lectuere ZOOL
104 Azmat ullah Lectuere ZOOL
105 Naik Muhammad Assoicate Prof GEOG
106 Imran ul Huda Associate Prof GEOG
107 Abdul Razique Bazai Asstt.Prof GEOG
108 Khalil Ur Rehman Lecturer GEOG
109 S.M.Zia Haq Lecturer GEOG
110 Khudai -e-Dad Lecturer GEOL
111 Nizam Uddin Lecturer GEOL
112 Badar- U -Zaman Lecturuer GEOL
113 Sultan Muhammad Assoicate Prof ISL/EDU
114 Numan Ul Haq Assoicate Prof ISL/EDU
115 Molvi Muhammad Siddique Assistant Prof ISL/EDU
116 Syed Atta Muhammad Shah Assistant Prof ISL/EDU
117 Niamat Ullah Lecturer ISL/EDU
118 Abdul Jalil Lecturer ISL/EDU
119 Salah Muhammad Lecturer ISL/EDU
120 Hafiz Ur Rehman Lecturer ISL/EDU
121 Muhammad Shafiq Lecturer ISL/EDU
122 Agha Sher Ali Assistnat Prof Pak/ST
123 Abdul Qadir Assistnat Prof Pak/ST
124 Asif Khan Lecturer Pak/ST
125 Fazal Haq Lecturer Pak/St
126 Sadullah Khan Assistant Prof: Econ:
127 Aslam Zaib Lecturer Econ:
128 Muhammad Ayaz Khan Associate Prof Phy:Edn
129 Ali Muhammad Lecturer Phy:Edn
130 Rasool Bukhsh Librarian
131 Shahid Librarian
132 Ghulam Saleh Librarian