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Recently on Tuesday National Assembly Standing Committee on Science and Tech Approved an Amount more than 3.9 Billion Appeal by the Ministry of Science And Tech and Its add Departments.

The Second Meeting of National Assembly Standing Committee was Held at Council of Scientific and Industrial.

Research under the chairmanship of Member national Assembly Mr. Sajid Mehdi on 26,02,2019 in Islamabad, Pakistan.

For the upcoming commercial year, 19-20. The Approved Amount by the Committee was Associated to PSDP (Public Sector Development Programme).

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The Budget Proposals of the ministry for the ongoing commercial Year 19-20 was earlier Discussed by Committee.

Achievement and working of the Ministry were briefed by the Committee.

The National Assembly standing committee decided to get Briefing of all connects departments of the Ministry Personally.

The Officials of The Ministry attended the Meeting on Tuesday in Islamabad

Abdul Shakoor Shad
Ms. Samina Matloob
Ch. Muhammad Ashraf
Naveed Aamir Jeeva
Ch. Shaukat Ali Bhatti
Engr. Usman Khan Tarakai
Umer Aslam Khan
Ms. Zaib Jaffar
Sikandar Ali Rahoupoto
Abdul Shakoor Shad
Jawad Hussain
Farrukh Habib
Samina Matloob

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The Development of Technology and Science is important for Any Country around the world.

That’s time to take the Right path to have the pace with other advanced countries all around the World.

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