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The government of Pakistan has been prompted to boycott all social media administrations such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube amid office hours after the over the top utilize by government workers.

It Board

The standing committee of the National Gathering, chaired by Ali Khan Jadoon was briefed by the Data Innovation Board, IT Board prompted the government to construct a partitioned substance to handle the fake news on social media.

Concern raised when a fake government notice got spilled which started the outrage within the control division, IT Board urged the government to require activity against such dangers. NITB official said.

“We are taking steps to curb fake news on social media. We have taken the Press Information Department into confidence, we have tried to ensure that there is social media news verification,”

It Committee Board

IT Board educated the committee that government workers not fair as it spent most of the time on social media but moreover conduct part-time trade on them.

The committee was too told that the IT Board is working with the government to construct its claim application as an elective for WhatsApp.

Govt App

The choice to construct the application was finalized in a later cabinet assembly, which was chaired by Prime Serve Imran Khan. It is anticipated that the application will be called the “Govt App”.