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Pakistan‘s acclaimed performing artist Hamza Ali Abbasi declared on Thursday that he has chosen to stopped acting, vowing to spend his life to spread the message of Islam.

The Pyare Afzal performing artist shared a nitty-gritty video message on social media to report his choice of stopping the showbiz industry saying, his choice is based on 10 a long time of research.

The on-screen character, in his message, described his travel towards religion and told his fans that he would attempt to shape his life in understanding with Islam.

Uncovering the reason of stopping acting, Abbasi said that he would spend his entire life talking approximately Allah.

He said he will spread the message of Islam through each medium, includingin the event that he produces any narrative or motion picture or show it’ll be almost Islam.

Rabi Pirzada

Last week, Pakistani vocalist Rabi Pirzada declared to stopped the amusement industry, after her private pictures had got spilled online.

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