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Helpers Public School & College Quetta is educational institutions situated in Quetta the city of Baluchistan. HPSC is one of the top schools of Quetta that provides quality education to Quettawal, It is true that HPSC is better than other schools that are situated in Quetta.

Helpers Public School is known for its sports, grounds and co-curricular activities. It is correct that HPSC has one of the amazing playgrounds in Quetta’s top ranked schools.

Helpers Public School & College Quetta

The teachers are for sure good but the knowledge of them is out dated, WHAT, yes I am saying the right words, the teachers that were appointed in this academy from last 8 or more years are yet the teachers, what they teach in 2000, 2008, 2009 and 2010 yet they teach the same outdated stuff to young.

Well, that is of course not a big deal if you are living in Quetta, WHY? It’s because every school has the same sort of system and other school might have worst than HPSC, like other schools has teachers who has zero experience and knowledge, they only start teaching because of lack of jobs in the city. And the only opportunity is to apply for teaching thus, it makes them zero experienced and comes to start teaching to the future KIDS.

Again, it’s the best institutions of Quetta, it do provides much more facilities than other schools in Quetta, like they have big activities, can make your confidence boost in Speeches, co-curricular activities, gives you amazing awards, sports, playground etc.

In the web post of PakPeek we clearly talk about everything whether the school is worth or not, I am here to let you know all the things that are true, HOW CAN I BE SO SURE ABOUT THIS?, Because I have cleared my 9th and 10th grade from same school from 2015 to 2017 I was the former student of the Helpers Public School.

The school has produced a lot of successful individuals that has achieved many things in their life. Today, I am going to talk about two persons, Jahanzaib Khan CEO of JahaSoft and Rehmat Khan COO of JahaSoft (Web Technologies).

JahaSoft CEO Jahanzaib Khan has developed a stunning website for the school while he was in 9th class in 2015, who brought an IT revolutionary in the school to allow anyone to view his pictures, view his/her results online and featured the students who has the best amount of awards received from school and also those who were talented. While developing the website with him was Rehmat Khan the former COO of JahaSoft, who helped in the project.

Well, later on Jahanzaib Khan had successfully developed a software for school management system, for which he got rewards from school [Piece of Paper] that was awarded him, he has spent hundreds of hours in that project, well, keep in mind that no one has told Jahanzaib khan to develop the website and the software for the school nor he has learned those skills in the School, all the skills in learned was from Internet.

Now Jahanzaib & Rehmat is running a successful company that worth millions, and also has successful online businesses.

Helpers school has numerous other personalities that also has achieved much higher stages in his/her life but I have just mentioned those who really brought the revolutionary in the school.

Helpers public school has produced singers, sports players, businessman, doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, coaches and many other professions.

Helpers public school has multimedia where students are taught on projector and that can be helpful for all the students sitting in one class to attend the lecture and talk about.

Helpers public school and college has also huge library with over thousands of books that can help you read as much as you can, these books are available for both college and school students, they can borrow the books from the librarian for 1 or 3 days, he won’t be charged for that, he will only have to write his/her name in librarian notebook to borrow that piece of book.

Helper’s school has also teacher’s rooms for both female and male the rooms are separate for males and females each have huge rooms for both genders.

The school is improving daily on basis of everything the principal and teachers are working harder to bring some sort of changes in the school for the future of Pakistan.

The former principal of helper’s public school & college Quetta is Pro. Asif 2018. He has brought numerous changes in the school and he good person.

Well, I must clear things that I am not paid for any posts that I write about, I mention those posts that I am paid for, now this is genuine reviews because I was the student of the same school and taught by the same teachers.

Helpers Public School & College Quetta

Helper’s College, HPSC has announced on 2017 the opening of college and has successfully started their session of the college from 2017 and that first year also got few students, and the college has just recently started in 2017, the staff and the equipments for labs are not yet completed, so, I don’t recommend anyone to read/study college in Quetta. If you truly want to learn and get good experiences in your life, he/she must move to Islamabad or Lahore for college studies. Well, avoid Punjab college go for others.

Well, I must let you know that over time you must visit the school to confirm things about the college it may get best college in Quetta you never know, so it would be really best to get genuine reviews from the former students of college or school to read in any school’s of the world not only in Quetta.

The school is getting funds or donations from politicians for school and students and they are investing pretty amount in those things.

While I am writing out this article if you see this article in 2018 that’s OK, but if you are going to see this article after 2018 you must not believe this piece of content WHY, because we never know what if HPSC got best in Quetta, if the staff gets renew or gets more facilities for students. So, I recommend everyone to visit every college or schools and get full research upon the school to know everything about it.

If you are a school, college and university and you don’t have a online presence or you don’t have a website for your students, you are really making your school worse, JahaSoft can help you to develop a stunning website for your school and colleges that can out rank other colleges and schools. Search on Google JahaSoft you are going to get all the details about the company.

Well, I had a good experience in the school with friends, found few friends that were quit good and found teachers that were friendly specially Sir Ibrahim a very great personality I remember only this teacher. He was English Teacher of class 10th 2017.

I wish everyone a very best of luck for your future. Believe in yourself. Stay Hungry & Stay Foolish.