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Pakistan is in number four in the world of Diabetes Prevalence, So the government of Pakistan should take massive actions against these silent killer diseases.

The reason behind this disease is that when your blood glucose, also called blood sugar, is too high. Blood glucose is your main source of energy and comes from the food you eat.

In the world of diabetes, Pakistan Ranked Number 4 (Pakpeek)
In the world of diabetes, Pakistan Ranked Number 4 (Pakpeek)

Dr Sarwar Malik is the Head of the Federal Government Polyclinic Diabetes Department said on Thursday that in past we were among the highest number of people living with Diabetes And Pakistan was holding the number the ten in terms of highest in Diabetes.

Right now we can see that the situations have changed a lot than previous times But diabetes is alarming in Pakistan and the ranking position has changed and we are now ranking at number 4 Plus the Expert also added this on the World Diabetes Day Seminar at the Hospital.

Causes of Diabetes

Diabetes is having the potential to cause any type of damage in your body it can damage various types of your organs if people were Careless.

From now on the Head of the department said that hospitals were going to begin an awareness programme to control the prevention of diabetes.

How to cure yourself of Diabetes

you should exercise lowered blood glucose levels and boosts the body’s sensitivity to insulin, countering insulin resistance and thus, benefitting people with diabetes.

The easiest way to cure yourself is diet and exercise could sharply lower the likelihood of diabetes, even in people who were at high risk of developing it.

Doctors solution for Diabetes

A healthy balanced diet and angular physical activity are imperative for diabetes management said the doctor.

Fatness can also increase the chances of developing the common type of diabetes and the type two of this diabetes is negligence could lead to death it was said to be Dr. Astori.

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