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This Indian Cricketer Gave Shahid Afridi His ‘Boom Boom’ Nickname: The international Cricketer Our LALA Shahid Afridi may have resigned from International cricket.

But his Name will be live on. Even-though After his Retirement. He the one of the best cricketer of Pakistan but Al Around the world. Well Everyone remember him how a Great Fielder he was while during his time. Every Pakistani Wish to see him and take a selfie with him.

This Indian Cricketer Gave Shahid Afridi His ‘Boom Boom’ Nickname

Every Pakistani Loves him and called him as Boom Boom and Lal. They give him a lots of love.

While during bilateral question-Answer session on Twitter, that who gave him the title of Boom Boom Afridi to Shahid Afridi. One of the fan asked the question about his title. Shahid Afridi replied Ravi Shastri.


Ravi Shastri Called him Boom Boom Afridi for the First time in his life in 2005 indo-pak series in India. On that match Shahid Afridi Smacked a 45 ball century. Ravi Shastri is Head coach of Indian cricket and former Indian cricketer.

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Shahid Afridi has held a number of International cricket records against his name while during his time. Even-though after his Retirement. Shahid Afridi his Ability to destroy the  opposition Single-handedly Acquire him the Title from Ravi Shastri.