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Last Tuesday, Instagram has announced in a blog post that Instagram has introduced a new option that gives users more control over the data the photo-sharing platform shares with third-party apps.

“protect the data people share with us” and said it was “introducing new in-app features to help you better control the data you share with third-parties through Instagram” said the owner of facebook Mark zuckerberg.

Most of the time users of Instagram link up their handles with third-party apps, And website that offer the option to ‘Import Photos from Instagram’ or they might be having the option of ‘Connect/Link To Instagram’, And after that these third party  access the information such as Usernames and Passwords plus Photos.

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But It was now providing more convenience for its loyal users to manage their third-party services, Said the photo-sharing app.

 For now, users can now remove any app linked to your Instagram easily and in simple steps.

How access to the option?

In order to access the option, you must follow some simple steps it’s very easy you can do it right now.

• Navigate to ‘Settings’

• Select ‘Security’ and then ‘Apps and Websites’

• Check the third-party services with access to your data

So now if you want to check the information that the third party is accessing such as facebook Gmail twitter, For that Instagram has now introduced an amended Authorisation screen” that lists all the information the third party is requesting to access”.

The company have also added that “You’ll have the option to ‘cancel’ or ‘authorize’ this access directly from the authorization screen,”

In the end, Instagram has also underscored that once a third-party app or service was removed, You can no longer have access to new data on users’ accounts the company of Instagram has added.

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Furthermore, they have also said that it would roll out the user data access update gradually, within the amount of six months approximately.