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The Community Youtube in Pakistan is  Comparatively Smaller than those organized in many other Places of World. Most of the Moment, The Community is at Understanding with One Another. Though, This is not one of that moment. In Application an Instagram Story. The YouTuber Irfan Junejo Threw some shadow at “Unnamed Person” Though that was not very hard to check out who He was talking about.

Irfan Junejo

In his story, Junejo says that a few months ago a fellow content creator said ‘everyone wants to be Junejo’ but it’s content that matters, not just production quality which Junejo clearly has.

Irfan Junejo

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The youtube Irfan Junejo Said that This “Body”  had Said that while others used drones and whatnot, The Guy just Managed to Make Awesome Content by Using his Smartphone Camera. This Definitely Struck a Confidence with Irfan Junejo, who said Mr. Irfan Junejo confronted the YouTuber when he posted this Allegation even then.

But the Problem was dug up again Because the Body who threw Shade at Irfan Junejo had Himself Hired a Professional Editor and a Studio to edit his/her videos. This Made Mr. Irfan Junejo Drive home his initial Point once Again,  How Construction Quality is just As Important as Content.

You Can Watch His Video Below:

When Mr. Juniad Akram Saw the Video on Youtube, Mr. Junaid Akram Directly guessed it was about Hime and Uploaded feedback.

Juniad Akram

Junaid Akram

Akram stated that he merely meant that other YouTubers who were trying to copy Irfan Junejo should focus on their content since there is only one Junejo.

Mr. Junaid Akram Accentuate on how Irfan Junejo is Awfully talented and it could be hard to be like him. Mr. Irfan Junejo wanted other YouTubers to find His/Her own Niche Instead of Merely Copying What Irfan Junejo does, He Never Meant it as Disgrace to him.

He then said that the YouTube community in Pakistan is too small for the people in it to have issues with one another which is why they should just bury the hatchet and sort it out.


However, Mr. Irfan Junejo did not Reply to Junaid Akram. His last story was him telling his followers how he was about to travel for a project so it’s safe to say that Irfan Junejo might not have even seen Junejo’s reply right now.