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Athar Minallah is The Chief Justice IHC He sent out notices to the commerce and information technology sectors for failing to meet the requirements quoted in the e-commerce policy, Which has kept mega-companies like Paypal and Amazon at bay?

Two More Weeks For Submitting The Replay of PayPal & Amazon

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has given two More Weeks to submit its reply over not having the quality E-commerce Services In Pakistan.

Why major e-commerce companies don’t enter Pakistan?

The Main Reason behind not coming of these Major Companies in Pakistan is Flawed Policies and Non-implementation were the Reasons for it.

Hafeez Junaid said that due to insecure Payment Methods, Pakistan Could Not access the World Largest E-commerce Store in Pakistan.

furthermore, Amazon Has Blocked anyone with Pakistani IP Logging Into the Website.

“No official negotiations or an offer to start operations of Amazon and PayPal in Pakistan have been made thus far. It transpires that the government failed to take the simple yet logical towards globalization and modernization”.

Hafeez Junaid Also Added That;

Over So Many Years the Industry of E-Commerce has to Grow Over 4 Trillion over World Wide, But Unfortunately, Pakistan has Failed to see these type of opportunities, It is Because of their Lack of Interest at the Government Level.

The petitioner maintained that the e-commerce policy of 2019

The petitioner maintained that the e-commerce policy 2019 is Deform and Glamourse. And while adding that the Data Protection Law, Which is absolutely Correct anywhere in the world for the E-Commerce Growth It is Not Practical In Pakistan.

The special advisor to Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment

Abdul Razak Dawood is the special advisor to Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment, He said that Pakistan is in Process of Registering the country’s good sellers with US E-Commerce giant Amazon.

He Also Added That The country has sent a list of 38 Exporters for Registration.

At The End Of Islamabad High Court

In the First Category, Surgical and Sports Goods as well as Home accessories will be listed On Amazon From Pakistan.

Plus The List Will Grow if The Selected Exporters Do Well In the Trial Period Successfully.

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