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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) is gazing at a conceivable flour emergency as its wheat supply has been cut down by the Punjab government.

The sudden disturbance of wheat supply has caused a sharp increment in flour costs within the area. As per reports, flour plants have expanded costs by Rs. 80 for a 20kg sack in KP.

According to Pakistan Flour Plants Affiliation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chairman Haji Mohammad Iqbal, there was no reason given by the Punjab government for the ignorant supply cut.

“We met the nourishment department’s authorities and requested an increment in wheat quantity for nearby plants from 2,000 metric tons to 5,000 metric tons daily, but the government isn’t prepared to do so,” he said.

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He said that due to an intense deficiency of wheat, 50 percent of the flour plants have closed down in KP, whereas others will moreover near down before long on the off chance that the circumstance continues.

Iqbal unveiled that the territory gets 95 percent of its wheat supply from Punjab, which has been totally stopped for the past couple of dates.

We took up these issues with the common government, but shockingly, no one is willing to pay regard to them. KP Nourishment Serve Qalandar Khan Lodhi said that he is mindful of the circumstance, but he’s defenseless to resolve it.

“What can I say,” was his reaction when inquired around his plans to counter the conceivable crisis.

He trusted that the assembly between KP nourishment secretary and Punjab specialists will reestablish the wheat supply.

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