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To advance tourism within the nation, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has endorsed Rs. 5 billion for the development of streets and unused tourist spots over the province.

The endorsement came a day after Chief Serve KP Mahmood Khan designated Rs. 700 million for Tourism Police.

The budget will be utilized to construct fourteen streets in Hazara and Malakand Divisions.

In Hazara Division, streets will be built to associate Gunnol, Poprang, Shugaran, Kora Canister to Mandi Siran, Komal Gali and Suhra Street in Mahnur Valley, Hazara Division.

While in Malakand Division, the streets in Anakar, Marghzar, Burj Banda, Kafar Banda, Madyan, Bashigram, Erin, Darul, Godar Lake, and Bahrain will be constructed.

On the mandates of the common Serve for Tourism Atif Khan, the development work will begin this week.

Prior to Wednesday, CM Mahmood Khan has chosen to set up the KP Tourism Specialist to advance tourism.

While reserving Rs. 500 million for domestic cities venture set to be built at three beautiful traveler spots, he too endorsed Rs. 500 million for promoting picturesque traveler goals to draw in sightseers.

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