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Lahore police is set to make the city traffic safer and secure, and recently the government introduced several regulatory alterations to improve its control over the metropolitan’s traffic.

As a part of this recent change in the traffic regulations, the Lahore authorities have made it clearly essential for everyone one to re-install rear-view side mirrors on their motorcycles, and those who fail to comply with this latest law will face penalized.

This recent change will take an effect in week or more, so that the citizens could notice the new law, which would be fully implemented starting 1st of November. Motorcycles riders with no side-mirrors would probably face a huge fine after 31st of October 2018.

Lahore Authorities on a Crackdown

This is not probably the very first law change that we saw. Lahore authorities have made many other changes and have started crackdown on inflict greater control over the motorcyclists, as well as other commuter who fail to comply with the region’s traffic laws.

Another huge change that we saw in a recent time was underage drivers – a common occurrence in Pakistan – in which the parents were to be fined or worse, jailed for non-compliance.

The authorities also started issuing e-challans using the Punjab Safe City surveillance cameras. Any person who violates the traffic signal will be sent a digital e-challan after his/her vehicle’s number plate gets scanned by the cameras while ignoring the traffic signals.

The list goes on, We expect the authorities to make these changes implemented not only in the Lahore, but all around the Pakistan, especially Quetta.