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Lahori Man Arrested for Harassing Woman on Social Media: Saqib Ali Was Arrested by the Police of Lahore After he Purportedly harassed A woman On Social Media. The  Federal Intelligence Agency Arrested the Criminal on Wednesday Night in Lahore Pakistan.

A Woman in Lahore, After Being torture By Saqib Ali on Social Media. She Embed A Complaint asserting that the suspect Saqib  Ali was harassing her with her secret Pictures that he downloaded from her Facebook Account.

According to the FIA. They arrested suspect had been blackmailing her and threatening her to Besmirch the reputation of the lady. The new cyber Crime law passed in 2016 which negated anybody from cyber Bullying and Online harassing. The FIA Manage a search and they were successful on there search. The suspect& Recovered the Objectionable Photos of the lady.

The Lady said that the man was saved her Pictures and videos and edited them to make them to look as a Foul and vulgar.

FIA had been more active and Effective regarding cyber-crimes since the National Assembly, They passed a cyber crime law called as a the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016. The bill Cancel out the use of social media for exploitation, While creating propaganda & the use of Rude language against opponents.


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