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Lock Google Chrome with Passwords: Hello, Everyone today i am going to share with You Guys that how to Lock Google chrome with Passwords. As you know that when you work in a shared environment and Even If someone had borrowed your own laptop,

Then you need to lock your browser with Passwords in Google Chrome. Google has Released a lots of Updates for Google Chrome in this Year. There is one of the Massing items in Google chrome is a Supervisor Profile that was used to be handy in Preventing others From Snooping on your own Browser Activity.

Lock Google Chrome with Passwords


While lock your Google chrome with Passwords, You will need to adjust the guest settings from chrome://flags/. That’s no longer Possible.

The Option in your Google chrome is to Protect your own Browsing history is very baffling to say the least. You could log in your own Google Account and Set up your Multiple (Personas) For Surfing all this While interesting any Guest who has borrowed your own Laptop Refrains from overriding His/her access levels.

What Are the Current Options in Chrome

Tip: Even If you don’t have time to adjust google chrome settings. You will always share less information with these useful privacy tips.


That’s is very easy ways to restore your google Chrome Privacy. That is 3rd party Google chrome extension: PassBrow. With both your own Android and Pc system the highly rated extension does a awesome job in to ensuring the total browser privacy.

Protect Your Chrome History with PassBrow

When your downloading is done (Extension). you have to enable it to protect your own browsing activity. you could want to enable it. As you know that Passbrow Authenticator is Google Play app that allows you to carry to forward your own Privacy setting on your Own Android Phones.

Protect Your Chrome History with PassBrow

You have to setup your own account information and Security Question or Alphanumeric Password. you must write it down anywhere so you could remember. Even if you forget the Password you shill have no Choice nonetheless to uninstall Your Google chrome from your PC then install it again. 

Protect Your Chrome History with PassBrow

If you have saved your information and Passwords in Passbrow. That will save your own information in an encrypted file extension Called as Passbrow.

Protect Your Chrome History with PassBrow

Always you open The browser on Your own PC, You always to have enter the saved password to access the contents. That might seem Annoying.  But know your PC is now safe from Prying eyes. While using the Shortcut keys  Ctrl + Shift + 9  To directly block access to your own browser when someone is Snooping around your Desk.

As you know that Passbrow works with Google Chrome For mac and there is no iphone apps available yet.


The Awesome part about Passbrow is It’s Smartphone extension unit, PassBrow-Authenticator. As soon as you check it, it shill reveal a code. The Google Play app is Directly  installed on your Android phone and tablet.  You will just need to enter the code to protect Google chrome browser activities on other Devices. Like (QR Code)


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