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You may lose your eyes in future: You may lose your eye sight in the future. Especially if you are a millennial. How and why did I say that?

Studies have shown that people are not taking care of there eyes. They are using there eyes carelessly. Its in nature of human when we have something we think it will last forever.


You may lose your eyes in future

You may lose your eyes in future

But its not the reality. Our generation is suffering from eye damages and it said it will spread even more. We know a day are surrounded with gadgets that’s are doing us harm.

Some of these gadgets can be find in the hands of every person. They are called as technology. Why I used the word technology? Let me explain.

I used the word technology because the gadgets that harm us not one but many. You can in scientific words call them blue light ejectors.

You can take TV’s, smartphones even the small decoration lights. We are in contact of so much blue light that it harms us.

First let me say what are the side effects of blue light.

Let me tell you how they effect our brain. In the night by night I mean when you cannot see the sun.

Our brains form a flued which tells us to go to sleep. And blue light is one of the lights that tells our brain “Don’t Sleep”.

The effect of this is that the brain function is confused. The flued is telling us to sleep while our eyes are telling us to stay awake.

This caused memory problems not been able to remember things effectively plus our circadian rhythm is disturbed.

It will make you lazy and will kill your productivity. This was only one damage that can cause to your brain. Let’s jump in to the eyes.

You may lose your eyes in future

Its ages eyes way sooner. You can say its boost the eyes of the age. And if we could replace our eyes that would not be a bad thing.

While we cannot replace our eyes and we have only on pair of eyes we are stuck. So, we have to take care of them. And make them last.

So, answer to how to save our eyes is hidden in the past. Yet no one have pointed toward this point. When our ancestors were awake in the night.

They used candles and flames to see in the dark. If you are intelligent you would have gotten you answer.

But for those who haven’t gotten there answer they answer is orangish. Make your gadgets color orangish there are many apps that can do it.

and there ae many other thigs that you would apply to say your eyes i.e. orangish lights and glasses that stop blue light from getting in your eyes.

For a weak and two you will feel like being in the stone age but your brain will adept to the change. In the first two weeks you will notice the change you will have better sleep and your level of motivation will increase for about 10 to 20 percent.


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