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You might have heart a lot of stories to become multi billionaire overnight of fortunes. Well, this news is probably same a guy who slept as Falooda Seller and woke up as a ‘Multi-Billionaire’.

Abdual Qadir from backward area of Orangi Town, he earns as little as to live on selling these Falooda sharbat on streets of Karachi, Pakistan.

Abdul Qadir was busy doing his work while the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Banking Circle last week only to learns he had 225 crores (2.5 Billion) in his bank account.

Abdul Qadir was really surprised about this money, he was interrogated him about the sources of this money, he simply told him that if I had these money Why would I still be living in this lower middle class place and selling falooda.

Abdul Qadir who merely writes his name in Urdu, was told to signed the papers in English to open this account.

“I can’t even write my name in Urdu, how I would sign papers in English?” he also added that he is no idea about this bank account nor the money that is parked in there.

“I earn my daily wages by selling Falooda, the news of this money being in my account has done no good to me, rather added to my woes,” says Qadir.

“I’ve had sleepless nights ever since I got the news, I am unable to go to work as policemen are guarding my house, they say ‘some people’ may want to hurt me, it’s total chaos all around.”

FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) in Action

In the cases of high profile Fake Accounts Case, the FIA team has been on fire. FIA has successfully found out 33 more fake accounts and one of them belonged to Qadir.

FIA also believes that hundreds of crores have been money laundered through these accounts.

The FIA officials have claimed that there are above 500 such accounts in the country and the investigators are tracking them down.

These findings have raised questions on banking sectors, around tends of fake account have been leaked which hold around billion or rupees, all without any sort of verification.