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Mehran Suzuki is Finally Going to be Discontinued: Pakistani Suzuki Is set Correctly discontinue While Producing Mehran cars for Great in Pakistan, And should bring some new significant changes to its rank in The not so Distant in upcoming time.

The Suzuki Company had Already Problem notices to its dealer & The dealerships to  notify it’s accord to end Production for the Mehran Suzuki VX variant in November 2018.

It has been unclear  that Pakistani Suzuki is Prepared on Pulling the Plug on Suzuki Mehran cars Entirely, While including it’s Approximately Higher end VXR variant.

New, We will confirm that the both variants VXR, VX are getting Correctly Discontinued bestow to Pakistani Suzuki’s Latest Notification Problem to dealerships throughout the Country.

They said that everyone unlike the VX variant, The Suzuki Mehran VXR Shill continue to be Produced till the last of March 2019. That will Completely Discontinue be April 2019 year. 


Mehran Suzuki is Finally Going to be Discontinued


 Mehran Suzuki is Finally Going to be Discontinued

They Shill Produce 23,821 Units of Suzuki Mehrna (VXR And VX) B/W September 2018 and April 2019, Nonetheless these shill be the end units of Suzuki Mehran ever Produced.

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The Mehran Suzuki has Directed all the retailer to only Prepare Parts for the vehicle Accordingly in order to Avert a Surplus.

Mehran Suzuki has been dynasty in the Country’s Auto-Market for over 30 years and has Among the great sellers throughout on time.

Anyhow What you think about this Discontinuation of the Blatant Mehran Suzuki ?