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Recently Microsoft announced that PowerPoint would soon get an Ai-Powered Presentation coach that could help you prepare for that important next presentation by giving you immediate feedback.

Today The Microsoft Company is launching a new tool, starting with the web version of powerpoint.

For Example, Public speaking is a skill that takes a lot of effort and lots of practice, however, some people practice their presentation some don’t because they maybe think that they are great at it, unfortunately, they are not but other’s because even the rehearsal makes them nervous, there’s no doubt, though, that practicing a presentation helps.

The aim of this presentation is to help you out of bothering of practing.

In its present version, the tool looks at three things Pace, Slide reading and word choice.

Pace is pretty self-explanatory and looks at how fast or slow somebody is speaking.

The slide reading feature detects when you are simply reading the words from your slides word for word.

Nobody wants to sit through that kind of presentation, The Word choice tool does n’t just detect how often you say ‘um’, ‘ah’. ‘actully’, or ‘basically’.

But it will also give you feedback when you are using culturally insensitive phrases like ‘you guys’ or ‘best man for the job’.

furthermore, In order to help the new presentation coach, Office 365 is also getting a few other new features today.

And these features include better inking support in powerpoint, Including the ability to replay what you drew on a slide so that you can essentially create animations that way.

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Soon this will be available on Windows and Mac, and more inking support for the office on the web coming soon.


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