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Microsoft has now accepted that more than 900 million devices are now running on windows 10 these devices include (laptops, Desktop, Tablet), and more.

And the Microsoft company is now aiming to get close to its one billion marks by 2020.

Although Windows 10 is having many problems, but its users are increasing day and day out, with almost 16.7 million devices being added to the pool every month of the year.

The client of Microsoft Yusuf Mehdi has confirmed that Windows 10 just hit the 900 million mark Now.

Yusuf Mehdi

“Windows 10 is on more than 900M devices! Thanks to our customers, We added more new Windows 10 devices in the last 12 months than ever before, From PCs to HoloLens to Xbox to Surface Hub, Windows continues to power innovation-With More to come next Week!”


Terry Myerson

The company thanks to Terry Myerson due to the hit massive hit that the have made with a short period of time and reached 900 Million.

In March 2019, The company had declared to have reached 800 Millon devices with windows 10, Plus in May 2019 Windows 10 had soared to 825 Millon users which is a huge thing for a company.

A Microsoft Employee who oversaw Windows 10 development until early 2018 his name was terry Myerson who was cut loose by the company.

In July 2019 Windows 10 operating system had 48.86% market share And achieved 2,13% points to hit 50.99% in August 2019.

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Windows 8 operating system stayed flat at 0.63% while Windows 8.1 lost 0.91 points to 4.20%. Windows 8/8.1 owned a 4.83% market share at the end of last month (August 2019).

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