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A Few days ago a video which is trending on till now, Where thief stole a bike in Just 17 seconds And Made a record Around the globe.

Within 4 seconds he is gonna brake the handle lock of Your Bike Plus within 3 seconds he is gonna unlock the switch the bike with the help of a special tool within 8 seconds he sets and turn the Bike on and started Driving it.

When This accident Occurred

When Shah Latif Town police caught a man from beneath a bridge in Quaidabad, Karachi over charged association in different bicycle burglaries, the authorities couldn’t accept their good fortune as the man turned out to be the tool’s creator.

Around 22,000 motorbikes were stolen in Karachi this year alone with an assessed esteem of Rs. 455 million.

The only solution that we have it that From now on its the duty of bike manufactures to come up with a solution that can protect their customers’ bikes against attempted theft.

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