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The P@SHA Central Official Committee (CEC) is pleased to report it’s consistent choice to co-opt Ms. Shahmim Rajani, COO Genetech Arrangements as a part of the CEC for the a long time 2019-2020.


The choice of co-opting Ms. Shamim within the Its CEC has been made on the premise of her exceedingly commendable contributions to female strengthening within the IT industry and dynamic cooperation within the company activities.

Shamim has been serving the industry for more than 14 a long time and has committed a huge parcel of her career to empowering youthful ladies from lower-income families by co-founding CodeGirls, a coding and business boot camp for young ladies that makes a difference them begin their careers within the tech industry.

Other than that, Shamim is additionally on the Board of Advisors for WomenInTechPK and a part of the Pakistan Dexterous Advancement Society.

Beneath her authority, Genetech Solutions has also won the Most excellent in Sexual orientation Differing qualities Grant at the company ICT Grants 2019.

Shamim has moreover been a portion of numerous of it and in-that designationscounting Canada Pakistan ICT Gathering and Oslo Development Week.

Shamim has challenged within the It is Central Official Committee Decisions continuously for two a long time and has shown incredible intrigued within the issues concerning the IT industry and how that can encourage differences and inclusion.

The P@SHA CEC genially invites Ms. Shamim into the committee and looks forward to her commitments to the industry.

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