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Pakistan has signed a contract of multi-million Doller With China, Pakistan is going to start exporting pine nuts to China very soon.

This contract was signed by one of the companies by one of the chines snack company, Bestore, has inked a deal worth 300 million yuan ($42 million) with Pakistani pine nut company Halo foods.

Hand-peeled pine nuts are now one of the most expensive nut products for Bestore, but both demand and output has grown rapidly with an annual increase of 20%, according to Yang Yinfen, CEO and president of Bestore.

Halo Food

Halo Foods is Pakistan’s largest pine nut purchasing and processing firm. They will sell pine nuts to the Chinese firm for over ten years once the deal is finalized.

“Shahbaz Siddique, financial head of Halo Foods said that For Halo Foods, such cooperation will help the Pakistan firm to explore the potential of the Chinese market further,”

The deal was signed during the second China International Import Expo held in Shanghai.

Among abroad buys, Belt and Street economies counting Malaysia and the Philippines as well as Turkey are a few of Bestore’s major sources.

Yang also added that ” We are also considering and investigating a few developing markets, such as the African showcase, or Market”

Plus in one of the reports of Chines has said that in China around 3 trillion yuan of Snacks are being consumed And Each year taking after the country’s booming web wave, quickening development within the nation.

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