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One of the Most Leading online marketplaces in Pakistan OLX is cooperating with the top famous academic institution LUMS to help the brightest students of Pakistan in Data Analytics to transition from academia to industry.

You may have an idea that Data science is becoming increasingly necessary in academia and industry.

From engineering to economics are turning to data science in University departments.

All around the world businesses that face big-data issues are working in partnership with the academic institutions that are equipped to solve the problem for them.

According to a new report from LinkedIn Learning research, Analytical reasoning is the most top skills companies required in 2019.

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Pakistan’s leading online Marketplaces OLX is now working with LUMS on Multiple projects lead by Dr. Muhammad Adeel Zafar and Dr.Fareed Zaffar solving an array of brand new business data issues.

This Project is beneficial for the Students and researchers as they get the first-hand experience to work on this project to solve the real-life big data issues faced by the industry.

Bilal Bajwa

The SEO of OLX Pakistan Said, “Being one of the pioneer tech companies of Pakistan,

OLX felt the need of connecting industry with academia to solve the data problems we faced and in return give the students a chance to solve real market problems and gain valuable insights.

LUMS has been a great partner and we look forward to keeping on (continue) working with them on more interesting projects”.

Dr. Fareed Zafar

During the discussing of Projects Dr. Fareed Zafar Said, “Our collaboration with OLX has been exciting, dynamic and fast-paced.

The learning opportunities, training, and mentorship for our students have been exceptional as they have worked with some of the top leaders in the industry.

We feel OLX is a long term strategic partner in our pursuit of high-quality teaching and research”.